1. Order Related
    1. When Can I expect to receive my order?
      1. Please check the shipping time tag that is located on the main product page of the item your purchased.
      2. If the item product page indicates, anywhere that the shipping time is 2-3 weeks, then that item will ship within 2-3 business weeks. It may take an additional week due to the covid-19's impact on customs, courier delays, border security. You may, at any time check the status of your order online (refer to point 4)
    2. I have a special occasion coming up.
      1. All special occasions must be reported to us before you place your order, however we can still entertain certain requests. Please use this link to request your order for a certain occasion.
      2. Please note that we cannot provide any specific updates on or the estimated delivery day of your package, except for the week of delivery, also we can only provide generic updates (Item is in production, item is ready to be shipped to our warehouse, etc..)
      3. Track your order Online
        1. Please refer to this link or go locate our main menu option called "Your order"> "Order status"
      4. If your item product page indicates anywhere that the shipping time is "ready to ship", then your item will ship in 3-4 business days.
    3. If your item has not shipped in 5 business days or you need your order urgently please contact us, and we would be happy to help you with this.
  2. I am not satisfied with my order
    1. Eligibility for returns
      1. We accept returns on items that are "ready to ship", if the size/ fit is not correct, the color, defects
      2. We do not accept any returns on items that "ship in 2-3 weeks", unless we have sent the wrong size and/ or there is a defect in the item
        1. If your item is eligible for returns please locate our main menu bar and locate the menu option called "Your Order" and then locate the menu option under that "Returns" or click on this link  to submit a return request
        2. If and once, we approve the request you will receive an email with the instruction to ship it back to us.
      3. We do not provide return shipping label, unless there is a defect, or a wrong size item was sent.
  3. I have contacted you, but have not gotten a response 
    1. Riafashions is run by a "one man army". Due to the covid-19 pandemic, our staff has been very limited to only one person. In addition to limited staff we have also been getting many requests and inquires and will take us some time to process through your requests.
    2. If you matter is urgent, please utilize our phone support (609-638-0513), our live chat, (on website), Text, Whatsapp (same number), FB messenger and we will help you regarding your inquiry.
    3. If your matter is not urgent. please feel free to ping us on Email, phone, Whatsapp, live chat.
  4. I have returned an item and am still waiting for a refund
    1. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we sanitize the return packages and we take 1 week at most to process returns. If you have not received a refund please contact us.
  5. What is your loyalty program, and how can I join it?
    1. Please refer to this link for more info