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How to Re-use your Designer Lehenga? - Ria Fashions

How to Re-use your Designer Lehenga?

What do you do with your wedding Lehenga after the wedding, though? Don't put yours away in the closet; you can utilize it in a variety of ways. This isn't just for the bride, but also for individuals who want to invest in an ethnic piece for a friend or relative's wedding. Whether it's a bridal crop top lehenga or a standard lehenga suit, the Lehenga, like other Indian clothes, has a particular place in every girl's heart. Even if you don't wear the same thing every day. Other than keeping it in your wardrobe, there are plenty of ways to restyle this Lehenga. Other techniques to repurpose your old clothes are discussed in this article.

Making the most out of your clothes is important yet challenging.It is definitely a great way to use your bridal lehenga. Well, we’ve got you covered with some hacks on how to reuse your wedding lehenga!

Styling  your Lehenga with a long Kurti, this style is now popular. A chiffon net Kurti with a front slit paired with your bridal Lehenga is a lovely style and a great way to repurpose your wedding gown. Make sure your lehenga is paired with a basic long kurta if the lehenga is lavishly embroidered. This is one of the methods to repurpose an old lehenga by choosing a hue that complements it. You can go for a heavy work kurti if your lehenga isn't too heavy. You can wear that outfit to a wedding for a brother or closest friend, you will undoubtedly be the most attractive person in the room (try to look the second-best to the bride please).

  • Use the DUPATTA separately

    Because the wedding Lehenga is a three-piece ensemble and  most bridal dupattas are lavishly adorned, you can opt to wear the dupatta alone.Do not limit yourself to only lehenga. Play around with styling your dupatta with a classy simple kurti or kameez into a festive wear.

  • Convert your Dupatta into a Kurti 
  • It's feasible to make a heavy Kurti out of this one-piece dupatta. You can choose to dismantle your Lehenga set and use your dupatta as a kurta or short Kurti. You may also wear it to other traditional parties and seem like an ethnic fashion queen in this fashionable ensemble.

    • Pair the skirt with a SHIRT

    Wearing a shirt with a lehenga immediately makes your outfit trendy. A simple hack here is to get a white shirt as it goes well with every pattern, color and fabric and add matching jewelry.

    • Unlayer The Lehenga

    During your wedding, you probably wanted to have as many layers as possible, but the same layers become a hindrance when you want to reuse them and need to be removed. Remove some of the extra Kalis, and can-can layers and just this will make the lehenga look different. By combining the three pieces of the bridal Lehenga with other clothing, you may create three alternative looks. This cool notion is the most common, and most ladies do it without even realising it. Wear your monotone suits with your lavishly adorned dupatta, for example. Then, for a more exquisite style, match the bridal choli with a saree or designer dhoti pants. Finally, acquire a corset blouse and pair it with your bridal Lehenga for a contemporary style.

    • Tailor it into an Anarkali 

    The look of a Lehenga choli can also be transformed into an Anarkali outfit. This is a one-of-a-kind and gorgeous approach to modify your bridal Lehenga. This way of transforming your bridal Lehenga is a unique one that is attractive as well. It is simple to achieve this floor-length Anarkali style by tailoring your choli to the Lehenga. Add some embroidery work at the waistline and make it an empire-line Anarkali suit. By customising your choli to the Lehenga, you can easily obtain this floor-length Anarkali look. Make it an empire-line Anarkali suit by adding some embroidered work to the waistband. To complete your style, wear it to numerous traditional rituals and add eye-catching makeup while keeping your hair in a tidy bun.

    • Pair it with a long jacket

     Choose one that is embellished with Zardosi work to give you a modish ensemble. On the other hand, you can opt to choose a sheer net jacket to blend with your embroidered Lehenga. This is a charming way to show off your bridal Lehenga choli but in a different way.

    • Pair your choli with a simple lehenga

    Reutilize  your designer choli  with a plain Lehenga for a fresh look. This will give you an elegant ensemble that you can rock to a party or a friend’s wedding. A bridal Lehenga is noted for having an opulent and magnificent appearance. In most cases, the choli is richly embroidered and dazzling. As with the Lehenga, the weight is one among the reasons why most ladies avoid wearing it or don't wear it at all. You can, however, repurpose it by pairing your bridal choli with a basic Lehenga for a new look. This will result in a sophisticated attire that you can wear to a party or a friend's wedding. You may also put some matching embroidery work around the hem of your simple Lehenga to make it look more stylish.

  • RENT out your wedding lehenga 

  • Do you know you can earn some money from your bridal Lehenga? Rent or sell your bridal ensemble to the many online sites that other people use. This is a better option to reuse your wedding Lehenga than having it stored somewhere in your wardrobe.

    Making the right choice can be a task but we make it easier. Picking out the perfect lehenga can be a task, choosing a pattern & the kind of work according to the occasion it is to be worn. If you want to go for a fancy reception look, you can go for the lehengas that come with opulent pearl and gemstone embellishments and thick metallic thread borders, and are the richest and most delicately designed lehengas.Traditional embroidery work like resham, zari, kota doria, Chikankari, and Kashmiri work are some of the kind frequently used to embellish them.

    Shop our latest collection of lehengas and style them according to your events and make a statement each time with your looks 

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