Sizing & how to measure

Women's size chart

To get your perfect Ria Fashions size, lay any of your best fitting tops or blouses flat on a surface, and measure from one armhole (crease under armpit) across the chest to the other armhole. Multiply this by 2 to get your perfect Ria Fashions size. These sizes typically are a few inches more than your bust size. 
Reference images:
The size here would be 26 inches x 2 = 54 
The size here would be 16 inches x 2 = 32


Men's Kurta Size Chart

Need help with sizing?

We know sizing is one of the biggest roadblocks when it comes to shopping online. We're here to help! Use the image to guide your measurements. For a looser fit, add one to two inches to your bust measurement. For a tight fit, use your typical bust measurement (e.g. 38 inches) to shop our website.

Don't hesitate to contact us, either through chat or WhatsApp/Text (609)-721-3163 for help with any sizing questions!