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5 Types of Versatile Indian Kurtis and Tunics - Ria Fashions

5 Types of Versatile Indian Kurtis and Tunics

Kurtis are possibly one of the most versatile staples of the Indian fashion landscape. There are so many variations in length, style, color, and patterns that the possibilities are endless. From long kurtis to short, and anarkali to A-line, it’s no surprise this is a must-have piece in everyone’s closets. Below are the 5 most common types of kurtis to spark some inspiration in your next shopping trip!

  1. Short kurtis are making a recent entrance into the indian fashion landscape and it has been a long time coming! These short kurtas can be worn with jeans for a super casual and last-minute outfit. If the kurta is slightly cropped, go for some high-waisted pants or palazzos to really accentuate the shape of the outfit. They make a great casual-chic choice for work or a grocery run. In the summer, pair them with skirts or shorts to create a breezier outfit. Short kurtis can come in many different silhouettes. They can be straight-cut, with long sleeves, 3/4th or sleeveless for summer months. They can also have side-slits to make the fit more comfortable and to allow you to wear it easily over pants. Long sleeve kurtis make the best option for winter and transitional months - when you want to be warm but can afford to still wear capris or skirts.
  2. Anarkali kurtis add a fun and flirty twist to the standard kurti silhouette. The anarkali silhouette usually includes a flared bottom half with extra fabric and pleating. Wearing one of these kurtis will make you want to keep twirling around and make you feel flowier and weightless. These kurtis might not be the traditional image that pops into your head when you think ‘indian kurtis and tunics’ but we can assure you that they are definitely holding their own in indian fashion today. Anarkali kurtis can be a bit fancier with embellishments, tassels, and beading. They can also be more casual with patterns and pockets. Just like all other types of kurtis, you can pair these with various types of bottoms depending on the occasion. You can dress them up or down and embody the ‘Wear now / Wear later’ mantra. If you pair the anarkali kurti with leggings you can easily wear it comfortably during the day and transition it to night time as well by adding a splash of color with jewelry or heels. If you’re feeling bold, you can wear the kurti as a dress during summer months and skip the bottoms all together! Since most anarkali kurtis are at least knee-length or below, they make the perfect maxi dress.
  3. Long kurtis can be worn so many different ways that they probably warrant their own blog post! These kurtas usually stop or drape slightly below the knee. They can be paired with leggings, for a quick and easy day time outfit. If you’re transitioning to a fancier or more traditional event swap the leggings -> for some patiala or a-line salwar pants. Voila - you have yourself a perfect salwar outfit. And if you have any other salwars lying around, you can use the dupatta to mix and match your own outfit. In the summer, if you’re feeling bold, you can convert the kurta to a dress and pair it with some cute sandals. If you invest in a long kurta that’s a size or two bigger than your usual fit, you can use it as a cute coverup on your next beach vacation too. Just throw the indian kurti on top of your bathing suit, and the slightly baggy yet chic look will make heads turn on the beach!
  4. A-line kurtis are what usually pop in mind when thinking of traditional indian kurtis and tunics. These silhouettes usually are narrow towards the top, and slowly widen below the torso, mimic-ing the shape of the letter ‘A’. They really accentuate your body’s natural shape and give a great silhouette.
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  • K

    I love anarkali Kurtis too! They give such a sophisticated look

  • nisha

    Anarkali dress is best I like it as it suits my body shape you are right it will look awesome if used imitation jewelry on it gives a look of princess

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