Wedding season is around the corner - is your wardrobe ready? – Ria Fashions

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Wedding season is around the corner - is your wardrobe ready? - Ria Fashions

Wedding season is around the corner - is your wardrobe ready?

Wedding season:

Types of salwar kameez to spruce up your next wedding outfit!

Wedding season is upon us and it can be daunting to start looking for your ideal outfit online, whether you’re the bride or bridesmaid. If you’re one of those people with back-to-back weddings, it can be especially hard to budget for multiple outfits while trying not to be an outfit repeater! Indian weddings are especially tough to plan outfits for, since there are usually anywhere from five to ten events just for one wedding! From pithi, to mehendi functions, to the ceremony and then finally the reception. Each event calls for a different type of outfit, and it can be a daunting feeling to just know where to start. However, with the ever changing landscape of indian fashion, wedding shopping should be fun and not a chore. There are so many unique styles of outfits to pick from these days, and it makes finding a dress so much more exciting. Weddings are a time for celebration, so why dread something that could be so fun!

Indian fashion has recently seen a large shift in the silhouettes used by designers. Long gone are the days where everyone wore plain salwars and sarees. Today, you can mix and match your designer salwar suits with stylish pants and crop tops, dhotis and kimonos. Sheer cardigans are also finding their place in Indian fashion. Salwar suits have always been a staple in Indian fashion, but there are several ways of dressing it up so you can take your outfit to the next level. Also known as their pseudonym, salwar kameez, which means tunic and pants, it’s easy to introduce new silhouettes like palazzos and crop tops to spice up your outfit. Here are just a few different ways of standing out with your outfit at the next wedding you attend:

  1. Churidar: This type is the ever-classic outfit that comes to mind when most people think of salwar suits. It is typically known for its scrunched up, skinny jean kind of silhouette. The churidar usually has extra fabric at the bottom of the pant that can be scrunched up to create a great, fitted salwar kameez design. The latest salwar trends might argue that this design is outdated, but we beg to differ. You just can’t go wrong with tried and timeless churidar salwar kameez.
  2. Palazzo: These pants are known for their versatility and will always have a place in your closet. You can pair palazzo pants with a tunic, or a longer and heavier salwar to create a truly stylish outfit. Palazzo salwar kameez are a new and unique trend that are catching on really fast around the globe. They’re the best option if you value comfort over all else, allowing you to move freely and dance without feeling restricted by skin hugging pants.Palazzo Salwar Kameez
  3. Patiala: A true fashion statement, Patiala salwar kameez will give your outfit that extra ethnic touch, and will surely lead to a lot of head turns and questions about where you got your outfit from! And no, you don’t have to travel all the way to Punjab to attain this new trend, Patiala salwar suits are becoming trendy enough to show up in most online stores for Indian clothes in the US. This salwar trend will surely make you the star of the party.
  4. Skirts and crop tops: Why limit yourself to pants when a skirt gives you even more freedom to dance and move around freely? Not to mention, you don’t feel that restricted when you’re done with the buffet ;) Skirts paired with your traditional salwar kameez is a new fashion idea that is making its way to the US. How does it work exactly? You can look for this type of salwar suit online or pair your favorite salwar from another outfit with a trendy and A-line skirt. You’ll want to make sure the salwar you choose has a slit, so it doesn’t restrict your skirt and create a ballooned look. The skirt should move as freely as you do on the dance floor!  If you’re looking to buy designer suits online, but just can’t find this pairing, feel free to buy separates and pair them as you like. Go ahead and play designer :)
  5. Anarkali: This style of salwar kameez became wildly popular some time in the mid 2000s when bollywood decided to put it front and center on celebrities like Sonam Kapoor and Katrina Kaif. For those unfamiliar with this style, anarkali suits have a flared salwar that can twirl perfectly. Usually adorned with tassles and embroidery, these suits are another classic design that you just can’t go wrong with. They create a beautiful silhouette and will make a great salwar kameez option when you want to play it safe but still stylish.
  6. Cigarette pants: This particular trend is your best option if the wedding you’re attending (or throwing) has a classic and modern feel to it. These pants are usually sleek and can be worn with A-line salwars. They can be embellished with bead work and made to pop with some pumps or high heels. When you pair your salwar suit with a pair of cigarette pants, you’re bound to immediately feel ethereal and regal - and trust us, it’s quite the statement piece.

With so many options, it’s easy to get confused and bogged down by the endless possibilities. Don’t fret, indian fashion trends make weddings just so much more fun and give you the opportunity to revamp your salwar kameez into a completely new outfit. Go ahead and pair that designer salwar with your new palazzos or flowy skirt to create a stunning and ethnic option. To find more ideas and outfits for your next wedding, take a peek at, and get your salwar kameez online outfit delivered to your doorstep with free shipping in the US.

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